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About CRS Jet Spares

From its very inception in 1982, the goal of the CRS Jet Spares team has been to provide our customers and the Global Business Aviation Community with a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to Aircraft OEM parts programs with global coverage.

Today CRS has grown to be the preferred supplier to Fortune 500 corporate flight departments, charter and fractional operations worldwide. We have achieved our goal by offering a unique balance of technical expertise, quality products and a total dedication to customer satisfaction, all while maintaining costs that are significantly below our competitors.

Another key to the CRS difference is our desire to develop personal relationships with our customers. Listening is has allowed us to implement strategies to better support the aftermarket for legacy aircraft platforms and to change as their needs change. This interaction has led us to introduce many unique and innovative programs that like our Component Rental Program (CRP) that lets a customer rent a refurbished serviceable component while theirs is being sent out for overhaul. Or our (Option 2) Program that allows you to caps the price on exchange transactions to control supplemental charges by engineering innovative repairs within the CRS Group of companies. These are a few of the many solution-driven services that efficiently keep your aircraft flying anywhere in the world.

In successfully meeting these our goals, CRS has grown to be a financially secure company that has the vision and strength to quickly meet the needs of our customers today.

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