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Aircraft Tires

Desser Tire & Rubber Co., LLC carries every aircraft tire and tube line manufactured in the United States, including Goodyear, Michelin, Dunlop, Condor, Specialty Tires and our own brand, Aero Classic. We also manufacture and distribute the Aero Classic “leakguard” tubes, which use proprietary compounds to prevent tube air seepage.

Wheel Overhaul

We have refined and developed the finest wheel and brake inspection and overhaul program available. Our staff of technicians, repairmen and inspectors follow industry component maintenance manuals and use the latest technical data available from the OEM engineering departments to ensure that your wheel or brake assembly conforms and meet all applicable specifications and service bulletins before being returned to service.

When your wheel and brake assemblies are received, a work traveler is assigned to your part(s). A careful and thorough visual inspection is conducted before being disassembled and cleaned.
Our state of the art paint booth is used to apply high-quality epoxy primers and polyurethane paints. Military specification paints, primers and topcoats can also be used depending on the specification for those products.

About Desser Tire & Rubber Co.

Desser Tire & Rubber Company, LLC was started in 1920 in Los Angeles, California.

Over the next three-quarters of a century, Desser has been in all aspects of the tire industry and has handled all types of rubber in addition to aircraft tires. Over the last 20 years, Desser has slowly withdrawn from other types of rubber products to become the leader in the aircraft tire market.

In 1989, Desser opened its Memphis warehouse facility to answer the demand of its customers in the eastern USA. With Los Angeles and Memphis warehouses, Desser can deliver products to most addresses in the United States in two days.

Today, Desser is known as the market leader in aircraft tires and tubes, providing over 100,000 aircraft tires and tubes annually in over 85 countries. And our friendly, well-trained staff will handle all of your needs.


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