Learn How Individual Flight Departments Get Fleet Pricing

Smart Engine Program (SEP)

Choose an engine program customized for your flight needs

N1’s staff is comprised of leaders from the airline industry who wanted to bring fleet efficiency to corporate aviation. As the managers of the largest fleet of HTF7000s in the world, N1 has already collected over 680,000 hours of flight data, which they use to accurately predict potential events throughout the life of an engine.

Their deep understanding of the HTF7000 is the foundation of the Smart Engine Program (SEP). N1 takes into account an aircraft’s actual time since new, a review of the log books for previous events, and how many hours you plan to fly each year to determine how much an operator should pay for an hourly rate.

Other programs offer a one-size-fits-all solution to engine maintenance. They have you pay incredible prices for events your aircraft may never need. SEP is a common-sense approach to engine coverage. If you fly less, you shouldn’t have to pay the same as someone who has double or triple your flight hours.

Why pay for something today, that you won’t need for 10-15 years?

How much can I save? 

Average savings is $200 per engine per hour. If you fly 400 hours per year, that’s an $800,000 savings over a 5 year period.


  • Bombardier Challenger 300/350
  • Gulfstream G280
  • Embraer Legacy 450/500
  • Citation Longitude

What kind of maintenance is covered?

Catastrophic Failure 

Catastrophic failures are the things that keep maintenance directors up at night. You can rest easy knowing that if your aircraft experiences an engine failure, it will be covered by SEP.

Unscheduled Events 

Through constant monitoring of their fleet of engines, N1 can predict the average number of unscheduled events in any given year. This allows N1 to cover unscheduled maintenance under SEP.

Scheduled Events

Engines require regular maintenance every 2,000 flight hours. N1 covers your engine for these events and prices your plan based on how often you hit these benchmarks.

Is There a Buy In?

N1 does not charge a buy-in or prorate the program cost for existing engines. They are so confident in their cost predictions, they have no need to charge you more to join their program.

An Engine Program that Cares 

Relationships are at the heart of N1’s services. Many engine programs are impersonal – you are little more than a number, and it can be exhausting trying to get your aircraft to a shop or get service in the field. N1 has Mobile Response Teams for AOG events, and can perform many scheduled events on wing at your preferred location. When an engine needs to come off wing, N1 maintains a pristine maintenance shop in their own hangar in Mesa Arizona. Your engine events will be handled by the same people who maintain N1’s fleet of engines. There is no pass-through – no third party. Simply contact N1 to schedule your maintenance.

Additionally, N1’s mechanics have been trained by the engine OEM’s. As OEM’s have decided to move more and more of the maintenance to third-party service centers, N1 is bringing in the best talent in the industry. They are proud to be a mechanic centered organization, that’s where the work gets done, and that’s how your engines are kept in the best, safest condition.

An Engine Program Designed for Operators

N1 developed the Smart Engine Program from the perspective of the operators. SEP offers extreme cost savings without cutting corners or offering sub-par services. Pay only for what you need and not more. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your engines are always protected.

Save 30-50% on your engine program. Sign up for SEP. 


Michael Ward

Director of Sales & Marketing

844-613-6446 (844-N1-ENGINE)

Direct Dial: 602-606-8844