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SD AircraftLogs: Web-based aircraft flight scheduling and tax reporting solution

SD AircraftLogs offers internet-based aircraft and crew flight scheduling software and tax reporting tools tailored for corporate and private operations. Delivered on a Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) basis, SD AircraftLogs has become a market leader in flight scheduling software. Designed for scheduler productivity, its user-friendly platform makes it easier for flight departments to seamlessly schedule aircraft with greater efficiency and reporting. Its software architecture allows for the flexibility to adapt to customer needs.

Aviation Tax Reporting and Finance Accounting

SD AircraftLogs also has industry-leading financial and tax reporting, which simplifies IRS and SEC reporting. SD AircraftLogs was designed to accommodate new IRS requirements and satisfy the needs of aviation tax professionals. Managing and documenting the most difficult tax challenges has never been easier. Data from flight logs and expense inputs flows directly to the Tax & Accounting module. “Real time” reporting becomes simple and easy, eliminating spreadsheets and paperwork throughout the flight department and the corporate and private accounting and tax departments.

SD AircraftLogs includes all of the management reporting needed by a corporate and private flight department, as well as the compliance reports needed by the accounting, tax or legal departments. Receive the required reports automatically using the report scheduling tool and have your reports sent to you daily, weekly, or monthly saving both time and money.

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