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 Aerodynamic “Nano-Technology” Coatings

Improving aerodynamic efficiency, airframe protection, and appearance durability as tested by the world’s most recognized aircraft manufacturers


Increase Operational Efficiency

Because a ToughGuard-Aero® treated aircraft better repels surface contamination, immediate and long-term operational benefits can be realized. From a reduction in wash cycle frequency, to paint life extension and a “clean aircraft” improvement to fuel efficiency, ToughGuard-Aero® delivers.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Our non-toxic formula creates a barrier that bonds, seals, and protects against the costly effects of corrosion. Our Nano-technology formula locks onto the surface of your aircraft at the molecular level. The end result is a shield that shuts out corrosion and other costly contaminants.

Enhance Striking Aesthetics

First impressions matter, especially when they are in front of an important client. Nowhere is this more important than in the aviation community where passenger safety must be clearly communicated. A stunningly brilliant aircraft delivers that message. It says that you care.


In the 18 years of coating aircraft with ToughGuard we have never had a dissatisfied customer. We hear back from our customers all the time about how great their aircraft looks and how much easier the cleaning is. We apply the ToughGuard paint sealant anywhere between 7 – 12 days after we have painted an aircraft and have never had any issues with ToughGuard interfering with the curing process of the new paint. I would highly recommend the ToughGuard paint sealant to any aviation paint shop to offer their customers as an added service / benefit. I would also recommend the use of ToughGuard to aircraft owners as a means of protecting their asset. Applying ToughGuard to an aircraft protects the investment of the re-painting expense. It also helps to extend the life of the paint while helping to reduce time and expenses associated with cleaning the aircraft. I look forward to continuing the relationship between Jim Miller Aircraft Painting Company and HR ToughGuard. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance to you.

-Chad Doyle, President of Jim Miller Painting Company

I would like to express my full support of ToughGuard-Aero, the Nano-polymer surface protection coating. I have been an applicator for the last 3-4 years and very pleased with the results and feedback from customers. I have applied it on Carbon Cubs, Huskys, Citations, King Airs, Kodiaks, Beechcraft Premiers, Cirrus, and many automobiles. It is truly the leading coating protection in the industry.

I am also very pleased working with Dan Reid. He has been so supportive and always there when you need something.

I recommend ToughGuard-Aero to the best!!

-Carolyn Berryman, Time For Sale, LLC Aviation Detailing

I have personally worked in the aviation industry for almost 20 years, across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, including aircraft restoration & detailing as well being a qualified helicopter pilot. We established Diamond Jet Detailing in the UAE in 2013 and after about a year we identified a critical need to source a high performing paint protection product due to the harsh climate that we operate in. Over a period of around 15 months I personally tested 4 aviation-approved products (including yours) of this nature, all of which claimed numerous benefits. After a satisfactory test period it was apparent to me that your product outperformed all the other products by every measure and this is when (approximately 18 months ago) we started to work with ToughGuard paint protection for our client’s aircraft. Since that day we have applied ToughGuard to around 30 clients aircraft, ranging from VVIP Helicopters, mid-sized fixed-wing aircraft from Bombardier, Embraer and GulfStream, all the way up to super-large private aircraft such as Boeing 737’s and 757’s.

We have received excellent feedback from our clients, including, “the paint work looks new again”, “the product has reduced our wash frequency cycle”, “the feel of the aircraft’s paint work is smooth like enamel”, and my personal favorite (being a pilot), “we just look for rain clouds and fly through them when we come in to land and the aircraft looks like it has been washed by the time we pull up to the ramp”. After almost 18 months the first few aircraft that we applied ToughGuard to are still holding up well and I fully expect that our clients will see a good 2 to 3 years life out of each application that will assist in extending the overall paintlife of the aircraft.

I would like to provide you with more details of our excellent client feedback, however, as I’m sure you can appreciate due to the fact that we deal with private aircraft clients and a number of VVIP’s, that our client list has to remain strictly private and confidential. That being said, l would like to thank the contribution of the ToughGuard product in keeping Diamond Jet Detailing as the benchmark in private jet and helicopter detailing across the entire Middle East, and in my humble opinion, across the world.

-Capt. Lee Brady, Operations Director of Diamond Jet Detailing/

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