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How V-Log Works


What it Does


For the Aircraft Owner

  • Asset Protection – An aircraft’s logbooks contain valuable history of the ongoing maintenance and Airworthiness of the aircraft. Missing or damaged logbook information from the paper record will greatly reduce the value of the aircraft (as much as 30% or more.)
  • Disaster Recovery – In the event your logbooks are damaged or destroyed, V-Log’s electronic record can be used to reprint the logbooks in their entirety.
  • Record Security – Once the logbooks are backed-up in V-Log’s Aircraft Digital Logbook, the information will never be lost or misplaced.

For the Aircraft Operator

  • Risk Mitigation – Many operators are surprised to learn that aircraft insurance does not cover logbooks. The best form of protection for your logbooks is to BACK THEM UP with copies that can be used to replace the logbook if such a loss occurs.
  • Logbook Access/Research Tool
    • Log in (or provide access for your team) from anywhere / anytime.
    • Search the entire aircraft records in seconds, no more spending hours looking for logbook information.
  • Complete Backup – 100% of your aircraft’s records are secure. Your ENTIRE logbook resides on a secure server.


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