A Global Purchasing Organization

The Astro Aviation Alliance is a Global Purchasing Organization (GPO) connecting operators of executive aircraft with select providers of goods and services to deliver economic efficiencies.  Astro Aviation is changing the way aviation does business by leveraging strategic partnerships with the unparalleled purchasing power of alliance members.  The result is a competitive advantage for alliance members and strategic partners.

  • The first Group Purchase Organization (GPO) was established in 1910
  • Over 600 GPO’s in the United States today
  • GPO’s used in a wide range of markets by government and private industry
  • Markets range from healthcare to industrial to aviation
  • 20% of Fortune 1000 companies use a GPO
  • Member feedback ensures excellent service
  • Benefits both the alliance member and service provider

Benefits of a GPO

Aircraft Managers benefit with unparalleled purchasing power

  • Save money with fleet pricing
  • Reduce time and resources to find goods and services
  • Enjoy long term relationships with excellent service quality and competitive costs

Strategic Partners benefit by extending market reach with economies of scale

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Lower the cost of sales
  • Reduce forecast volatility

Alliance members benefit by authorizing Astro Aviation to develop service contracts on your behalf.  We combine the purchasing power of our alliance members to achieve fleet pricing on goods and services.

Preferred service providers benefit by economies of scale.  We combine the purchasing power of our alliance members to extend market reach, lower cost of sales and increase customer loyalty with fleet pricing.

The result is a strategic partnership that drives efficient pricing and customer loyalty.  Both alliance members and service providers enjoy a competitive advantage.